Friday, July 15, 2011

God's faithfullness shines once again!

Andrew, Christian, and I just got back from the neurologist this afternoon. I was really nervous sitting in the office just thinking about what all he was going to tell us. We got called back and Christian had to get weighed and measured again. He's continuing to grow like a champ. We discussed all the findings with the neurologist but he wasn't able to read any of the tests results from when he was in the NICU because, of course, they weren't sent over. But from the exam and what we were able to tell him, the neurologist said that Christian is a healthy baby. We weren't sure how to take this considering that the EEG was abnormal but the doc said that he was going to have to read the EEG and MRI (which was normal according to the radiologist at WK)  in order to rule out true seizures. We showed him a video of the abnormal movements that Christian was having when he slept and the neurologist said, "that's normal, I wouldn't have even readmitted him to the NICU for that movement." He seems to think that they are just myoclonic jerks that he has when he sleeps.

We aren't totally cleared yet, but one thing that he said that was very reassuring was "I am 98% sure that Christian is going to be fine. Just look at him, he is a healthy boy." We still have to obtain all the medical records and tests that were run in the NICU and let the neurologist interpret them himself.  He said that Christian would be a sick baby if he were having seizures and from his exam Christan was fine. We are going to have to follow-up with him in 4 weeks after we obtain all the records.

If there was a mountain in Shreveport for me to stand on and scream Hallelujah from, trust me I would have. God is shining straight through all these doctors appointments that we are going to and I totally believe that He is taking care of our sweet baby. God's faithfulness is totally amazing and He continues to amaze me everyday with one answered prayer after another.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers for Christian. Please continue to pray that once he rereads the EEG and MRI that Christian truly will be just fine. God is good, so so good!

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