Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Crib

I purchased a baby crib today. Huh???? Not really sure why I did it, but I really want to be prepared for whatever may happen in the future. I told myself I wouldn't purchase anything "baby" related until I knew of a potential (more definite) birthmom. I think for now this will be my only purchase. What does it look like? Well, that remains a secret, but the only thing I will tell you is that it is white. We have made the decision not to assemble it until we have more definite plans. I don't consider myself superstitious in any way but with all the other baby stuff my sisters have given me, I feel somewhat cursed. I have placed all that stuff in the attic so I can't see it or even be reminded that I have it. Hopefully this crib won't make me feel that way. I know, it's silly but I can only wonder. I think this is just a way for me to keep my mind busy and fill all this extra time I have waiting for my angel.

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