Sunday, March 6, 2011

Throw Me Something Mista!

Today we had the best time celebrating Mardi Gras Shreveport style at the Highland parade. Andrew and I headed over to Lynn and Matt's house after church to get ready for all the festivities. We loaded up ourselves and Michelle and headed out to the parade. Once we got there it didn't take long for the parade to start. All the music and floats were really fun to listen to and look at. Michelle was the winner as far as collecting beads and stuffed animals. There is something about cute babies that people just love. She was raising her hands to catch all the beads she could. Every time she got a stuffed animal she would give it a big kiss. Such a sweet site for her Aunt Leslie. Michelle was kind enough to share her stuffed animals with her cousins, Noah, Ava and Bryce who didn't get to come to the parade.  It seemed like the parade lasted forever because there were so many floats. The Krewe of Highland is a very family friendly parade so there were lots of families and kids out ready to celebrate.

Andrew and I usually ride on the South Shreveport Rotary float, but this year we were on the receiving side of it. I like it both ways. It's entertaining while riding on the float to see all the people jump up and down for beads, but it's also fun to be that person jumping up and down to catch the beads. My most favorite throws are the mini moon pies. I was so excited to get one on the very last float that came around. What a treat! I don't know why but moon pies just make the parade so much better to me. I hope you enjoy the pictures below of our fun experience at the parade. And, always remember....LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER!
Here we are waiting on the parade. Michelle is sporting her shades as well.

Michelle loves her Uncle Andrew!

Michelle, Lynn and I waiting on the parade to start.

Andrew and I at the start of the parade. No beads as of yet.

The beads are starting to pile up!

Yay! I finally go my Moon Pie!

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