Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bunny

This weekend was a complete blast for me. Andrew and I got to spend the entire weekend with our little nieces and nephews at my dad's house. I think we ate more than we usually do in one week. My dad loves to spoil the family when we go visit him. He made some amazing steaks and for dessert we had several things to choose from including cheese cake, key lime pie, chocolate cake and of course all the Easter candy. My dad lives on the lake so it's very relaxing. The kids enjoyed playing on the old barge boat my dad still has from when my grandparents owned it. It no longer works but it's great to fish on or jump around in, which is what the kids did all weekend. We also spent some time at the "big lake" where the kids got to swim and go down the big slide at the playground. The adults didn't swim because the water was still a little too cold. It's funny how when you are little your interal thermometer doesn't register figid temperatures like they do when you're an adult.

To back track just a bit; before we got to my dad's he went looking for easter ducks to get the little ones. He looked all over and couldn't find them. He use to do that for us around Easter and we would just let them go, once they got old enough, in the lake. It was always fun to come back several months later to see them all grown up. Well, dad couldn't find any ducks so he got a puppy instead. Charley the rat terrior. She was the sweetest puppy. He got her for Laura's kids but she and Brad wouldn't let Charley come home with them. I think Charley was just a little too small for Noah and Ava to handle right now. Charley sure was fun to play with though. She will have a great home at the lake with my dad and his other dog, John McCaine.

Easter morning we all got up to see what the little ones got from the Easter Bunny. Lots of goodies in their baskets and more candy. The Easter Bunny also hid eggs outside and the great hunt was on. Who could collect the most eggs? Of course it was Noah. He's the oldest and fastest right now. Give it a few years and the others will give him a run for his Easter eggs. Everyone had a great Easter! I am really glad we got to participate in these activites with our nieces and nephews. It makes me happy that we are all so close. I can't wait to share this with our sweet angel.
Noah and Ava with Charley

Bryce and Michelle eating cheeseballs for an afternoon snack.

Andrew and I enjoying the nice weather outside by the lake.

Lazy afternoon. Taking a nap with Charley.

Michelle during the Easter egg hunt. Charley wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Easter bunny hats Dad got for all the kids.

Bryce was not having this picture thing.

Michelle amusing herself on the five hour car ride home. Gotta put those Easter stickers somewhere!

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