Sunday, April 17, 2011

God's Will

Today our preacher at church spoke about God's will. I'm not really sure how to write this post but I am going to write it as it applies to me. In the beginning of my fertility struggles I always wanted to know "why me." Why am I having to go through all of this? What have I done in my life that I deserve to go through this, or better yet, why is my husband having to go through this. Andrew is the most selfless person I know and a true follower of God. I have asked this question countless times to myself and to God (almost everyday). Well, today I will stop asking that question and accept that this is God's will for Andrew and I. We, at least right now, aren't suppose to have a baby. For what ever that reason may be that is God's will for us. I know that one day we will have our family, but now is not the time (maybe tomorrow, a month from now or even 10 years from now; only God knows).

I have a friend in my bible study that was talking about why we have to go through certain things in life and asking God why certain things happen. And her answer struck me like a large hammer right on top of my head. She said, "Because He's God, that's why!" Who am I to question why God (the creator of all things) makes us go through certain trials in life? Because He is God, that's why...period! So, back to what the preacher said today, God doesn't always promise that our road will be easy or smooth but He does promise that He will be there with us as we go through it. I rest my faith in that, solely. This is God's will for my life and I'm not going to question it any longer. He is with me 100% and for that I can give all the glory! I will never shut the door on Him because I need Him too much. He knows my heart, my thoughts and all of my moves even before I do. Wow, what an awesome thing; To God be the Glory!


  1. Great post and great faith! So hard to accept and say, but also so true!!!! So much love to y'all! Julie gave Cala two of your precious burp cloths and I'm in love!! Continuing to pray and KNOWING God will answer!