Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to the NICU

Saturday morning we were totally exhausted from not sleeping very well the last two nights. Christian was not a good sleeper at night. He rested fine during the day, but by the time night came, he did not want to be put down. We had him on a 3 hour feeding schedule as well and his feedings were taking about 45 min to an hour each. It seemed like once we got done with one feeding it was time for another. Next thing we knew, Christian had developed a severe diaper rash. Later that evening my mom recommended we call the pediatrician to see if we could get him in early (we had an appointment scheduled for Monday already). The pediatrician was able to get us in early on Sunday morning. Late on Saturday night I started noticing that Christian was trembling when I held him. I didn't think much about this except that I knew it wasn't normal. We asked the doctor about it at our appointment on Sunday morning and she recommended we just keep watching him.  We also switched his formula because he wasn't tolerating the other formula he was on. His diaper rash was continuing to get worse so we got some more diaper rash cream to help heal it.

Later on Sunday we noticed that Christian's tremors were getting more pronounced especially when he was taking a nap. My wonderful sister-in-law, Jennifer, offered to keep him Sunday night so Andrew and I could get some sleep. We jumped on the offer and let her keep him. Andrew and I slept for 8 long hours and didn't have to get up once. Poor Jennifer was up a lot with him that night feeding, rocking, and playing with him at 4 in the morning because he was wide awake. I asked Jen if she noticed the tremors and she said yes and that she didn't think they were normal either. We ended up going back to the doctor on Monday morning for our new baby check up. We asked bunches of questions and finally got to the hard part about asking about the tremors. Yes, they were not normal and it was recommended that we be admitted back to the NICU to figure out what was going on with Christian.

So off to the hospital we went, again. When we got there we had to register in admissions which seemed like it took forever. Once we finally got to the NICU they immediately took Christian and examined, poked, and began running tests. All the nurses up there were absolutely fabulous. I loved everyone of them. Of course, I was crying through the whole process. Seeing my baby like that was the hardest thing ever. They ran a CT of his brain and an EEG. Every other test that was run was normal except the EEG. My worse night mare was coming true. Christian was having seizures. That was a hard pill to swallow. My heart just sank to the bottom of my feet when I heard this. All I could think was I just want my baby to be okay. More tests were being run to try and determine the cause of what was going on. I was so thankful for Dr. M because she ran every test to try and rule out what was going on. They finally had to sedate Christian a little because he was trembling so bad and couldn't get a break from the sticks and tests. They finally decided to start him on an anti-seizure medicine which would hopefully help stop them.

My poor baby was as limp as a wet wash cloth when they issued him his meds. I started crying again just seeing him so out of it. Finally, I just had to leave the hospital because I couldn't take anymore and I had cried so much that I gave myself a migraine headache. I went home and went straight to bed. Andrew called to check on Christian before he went to bed and all was good. I was comforted in knowing that he was in good hands with the nursing staff.

We woke up the next morning and called the hospital first thing to check on little Christian. They had nothing but good reports about him which eased my mine immediately. I just gave the situation to God and let him take care of it. I know that He was with my sweet baby all night because I asked for angels to surround him. God was with Andrew and I too because we got a good nights rest.

Andrew and I got ready and said goodbye to the puppies and headed back to the hospital. We got to hold Christian and feed him too. He was like a totally different baby. He was eating so much better and didn't have any kind of jerking or trembling. Our feedings were only taking about 15-20 minutes as opposed to 45-60 minutes with hard core fighting. What an answer to our prayers. I just have total faith that God is working on healing my little man. I have felt nothing but comfort the last couple of days.  Although we are still waiting on some tests results to come back, most of the ones that have already been done have come back negative.

We are still in the hospital and probably will be for several more days. I am continuing to pray for no set-backs and continued healing for Christian. I just want to thank everyone for your kind words, encouragements, and messages while we've been here. Our God is the ultimate healer and I know that whatever the outcome may be, he gave us this precious angel for a reason and for that I give Him all the glory. Andrew and I are the proudest parents and have felt God's presence through this entire process.
Poor Christian is tired of being in the hospital.

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  1. So glad that sweet boy is doing better. I breathed a sigh of relief at this shortened feeding times (you know I'm the SLP with the feeding obsession). Continuing to pray for all of you and grateful that you have such great family to help you out and support you so well!!