Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God's Plan Revealed. We Got the Call!!!

Well, Andrew and I received the greatest gift ever on Tuesday May 31, 2011. It started out just a normal day. I got up around 5:00 and went on a 5 mile run before work. Andrew and I both went to work and brought with us the list we split up of adoption agencies to call that day. We made the decision to look into larger agencies and start researching them to see if there was one out there that would work better for us. I spent a good portion of my lunch break calling agencies requesting information and trying to set up conference calls with some of them just to gather more information. Out of the 4 or 5 that I called only 2 were even possibilites. Andrew left for a business meeting to Monroe that day around lunch and called his half as well (not really sure what he found out, he told me but I can't remember).  Anyway, I went back to work and Andrew continued driving to Monroe and we put all of that behind us for the day. Around 1:50 or so I got a phone call from a number that I didn't recognize on my phone. I usually don't answer numbers that I don't know but this time I did. It was our social worker, Missy Everson. She asked me if I was somewhere that we could talk. I immediately went into the bathroom at work and asked her what was wrong. She said that there was a situation that had come up where a birthmom had given birth and she was placing him for adoption and had chosen our profile. My heart was beating so hard inside my chest I literally thought it was going to explode out. I sat down and took a deep breath and said "Really, Missy I have been waiting on this day for a long time." "I said a prayer just this morning for God to make something happen." He was listening! I don't really remember the rest of the conservation but i just remember thinking, I need to call Andrew.

When I got out of the bathroom all I could say was "Oh my God!"  My coworkers heard me and asked what was wrong. I said "our social worker just called and said she has a baby for us and it's a boy. He was born yesterday and he's in the hospital." I was literally shaking all over and couldn't stand up. It was like time was standing still but there were a million things running through my head all at once. I just remember thinking, is this real? What just happened? And then I thought, I need to call Andrew! What's his number (yes, for a split moment I forgot his number). I began calling him and he wouldn't pick up the phone. To make a long story short, I called him over and over for about 45 minutes trying to get a hold of him. 15 minutes in to trying to call him I was so excited but angry at the same time that he wasn't answering his phone. I texted him "EMERGENCY, ANSWER YOUR PHONE" several times too and even sent him an email. I finally gave up and called my sister, Lynn to tell her. I then gave her the responsibility of getting a hold of Andrew so I could call my mom and other sister. Finally, Andrew called back and was probably worried from all the missed calls and multiple texts from our whole family telling him to answer his phone. All I could say was where are you? Why didn't you answer your phone, Missy called and she has a baby for us. We get to meet him today becasue he was born yesterday.

Andrew was still in Monroe in a meeting and left immediately to come home. In the mean time, my sisters were at my house digging through all the stuff I had collected from them to start getting stuff ready for the baby. Talk about being totally unprepared for this.  My mom got to my house as soon as school was out and we all just started jumping up and down screaming. It was a moment I will never ever forget. We all went into this mode and delegated tasks to each other to see what all we were going to need for the baby. Andrew's sister, Jennifer, also went to Target and bought the whole baby section (not really but just about) to help as well.

When Andrew finally got home (in record time). We immediately went to the hospital to meet our little man. He was the most perfect  thing you could ever lay your eyes on. So sweet and innocent. He was in the NICU hooked up to all these monitors and had an NG tube going down his nose to help him eat. The nurses and doctor started updating us on what his health condition was and ultimately said he was fine but the delivery was fast and he had ingested some fluids during the delivery process. Other than that he was healthy and had very powerful lungs. We just thanked God for giving us this precious little man.

Wendesday, we spent most of the day at the hospital. We got to hold him and started thinking about baby names. We didn't want to decide on one until the paper work had been signed. Thursday we got to meet the birthparents and signed papers. It was a very nice meeting and his parents were very sweet people. We were honored they would even consider us to parent their sweet angel. Thursday night we got to stay the night at the hospital and take care of Christian Landry. He was not a good sleeper. Andrew and I probably got about 10 minutes of sleep total. It was a very long and loud night with all the crying going on. It was all worth it though. I just loved seeing how involved Andrew was with his new son and watching us learn the ropes of parent hood. Friday afternoon we got to take our precious angel Christian home. It was the happiest day of my life. We were thrilled to have him as part of our family. My sister, Lynn, met us at the house with dinner and helped us get settled in.

All in all our first night home was not as bad as the night we spent in the hospital. We think Christian had his days and nights mixed up but we are willing to work on that and get him on a regular schedule. I just thank God for giving us this angel and can't wait to see what He has planned for him. Thank you everyone for your prayers. God listens to each and every prayer and for that I am truly glad I serve such an awesome God. His love truly endures forever!
Proud Daddy
Proud Mom
Our beautiful baby boy
No more pictures dad!


  1. Amazing!! God is so good! I'm SO, SO, SO happy for y'all! Hope Christian is feeling better and will be back home soon!

  2. Praising God with you guys! What a precious baby boy!
    sandy austin

  3. Leslie, I am so excited for you. The gift of adoption is truly a beautiful thing. I'm so happy this has finally happened for you. Prayers answered! Hugs, Kevin Hindsman

  4. So glad you wrote this story! I got chills reading it! I'm so happy for y'all and so amazed once again at God's awesome providence! He so knows exactly what He's doing, even when we doubt! Continuing to pray for y'all and loving getting updates!!

  5. OH I have been waiting to see how you would post and to hear the whole story of how it happened. GOD is SO GOOD! I am SO happy for both of you and can't wait to hear about how this little man blesses your lives!

  6. Leslie, I don't know if you remember me from Shreveport (I'm several years older than you), but I had seen the link to your site on a mutual friend's page via Facebook. I tried to keep up for a while but I just had a baby myself in March and, well, you know what a busy time this is! I checked your site today--had no idea you had gotten the call and adopted a sweet boy. Loved seeing too that Missy Everson was the one who put you in touch with the birth mom--I am very good friends with her sons. She is a sweet lady. Anyway, just wanted to say your story brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you and your husband. Your baby boy is beautiful.