Saturday, June 11, 2011

False Alarm

Today was the day we were suppose to go home from our second trip to the NICU. Andrew and I were looking forward to this day. We went home early last night to do some last minute things around the house so it would be perfect for Christian's return. We also got up early and put the new car seat in the car. It was really hot out there and both of us were sweating trying to figure out how to install it. It wasn't hard but trying to pull the strap tight enough is a job in itself. Off to the hospital we went. Things were right on schedule to discharge home; we were just waiting on Doctor M to make rounds and write the discharge orders. Andrew and I left for lunch and got back in time for Christian's lunch. He gets really irritable around his feeding times and he is like clock work (likes to eat every 3 hours). Once he got a full belly it was time for a nice nap. I was holding him and rocking him when suddenly he started trembling. They only lasted for about 30 seconds and that was it. We ran out to find our nurse and she came in the room. I told her that I think he just had a seizure but it wasn't anything near what they were like when we first brought him in.

Dr. M recommended we continue to keep a close eye on him and she ordered another EEG to be done to check for any abnormality in his brain waves. As we were waiting Andrew's parents came by for a visit along with Jennifer, his sister. Sweet Christian decided to take another nap and started the trembling again. This time I was told to push the nurse call button if it happened again. The nurse came running in and witnessed the seizure. I also got it on video (thank goodness for I-phones). I was able to show the doctor exactly what he was doing.

Needless to say a good day ended up with a set-back. My sweet baby is still in the hospital and will be there a few more days now. The goal (per Dr. M) is to get him as asymptomatic as possible. We also want his seizure medicine to be at the right dose in order to control the seizures. I just can't stand my baby being away from home. The hardest thing is having to leave him at the hospital to stay in that empty room all by himself. I know that he is just resting but at least it makes me feel better just sitting with him and being there just in case he may need me. Again, I've asked for God's angels to comfort him and bring him rest.

When we started this whole process I prayed for patience. God has taught me, and is still teaching me, the meaning of patience. He knows exactly when to give you what you need but continues to test you in ways that forces you to grow in your faith. I trust in Him and I know He knows what he's doing. All I can do is be patient and wait. I will continue to put this in God's hands with the faith that everything, in the end, will be just fine. Our God is truly an awesome God! Goodnight my sweet angel. May you rest with the angels that God sends to heal and comfort you! Kisses from your biggest fan, Mama!


  1. Leslie, ill be thinking of and praying for your sweet family, what a beautiful baby God has placed in ur care, he knows us better than we know ourselves, take a breath and know everything will be in his hands.

  2. You and Andrew are doing so awesome in these hard circumstances and I know that God has angels surrounding you two and Christian! I just love love love his big cheeks! Prayers continuing to be lifted up for all of you!

  3. Continuing to pray for y'all! I LOVE seeing his sweet pics up - he just gets cuter and cuter! Hang in there - and know that we're just around the corner if you need anything!! :) Leslie Armstrong