Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Study 2 Success!

Yea, we just finished home study number two. It went really well and the dogs behaved too. Thanks for all your prayers! Our social worker, Missy Everson, is wonderful. She couldn't be more informative on the subject of adoption. We had a lot of questions for her concerning adoption and she answered all of them with such expertise. Andrew and I definitely feel like we are more than ready for our precious little angel now.  I am going to continue to read more and more about adoption so when we bring our little one home, we will be more than prepared for him/her and be able to provide for them for all stages of  life.  I just couldn't be more excited right now that we are planning to adopt. I cannot wait to become a mother and for Andrew to become a daddy.  We now just have to wait for God to lead us to the right birthmother. Until then I will continue to pray for my unknow birthmom, for her strength and courage. I am thanking God in advance for his guidance in this process and for leading us to our perfect angel.

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